Supa Kid x Mistr Milk


I stumbled across a wonderful thing, and like it says on her blog Supa kid is like finding a Rolex in a lucky charm box. I had the honor of interviewing her and getting to know the mastermind behind  Supa kid She is a Puerto Rican based artist whose work extends from photo sphere to illustration. Covering many events such as fashion runway, private events, street photography, poster illustration, comic book art, print, magazines illustrations and different art exhibits. Keeps your wallets close because you're going to want to buy into this.

Not only can this girl create killer patterns which are thrown onto basically anything from phone cases, tapestry, pillows, and clothes!  pull out those cards because you will need half of Society 6. She has been featured in numerous magazines, Instagrams & blogs! Buzz feed covered her on 25 photos of women whose pastels are on point and they were not lying at all. Supa kid has an ingenious way of taking lines, circles & dots and curating them into a  compelling pattern that you will need basically all over your house. I know what you're thinking... Why the hell did I not create that? because that's how I feel being on her Instagram all day. That's what makes her an amazing artist.

And just when you thought she could not get any more perfect. She also styles and has amazing fashion photography, yeah I am not kidding. Go check it out, Supa kid is a jack of all trades with no remorse. She lays it all out and does not feel bad about it all. 

be sure to check her out and her stores too!

wear her patterns everywhere!

Supa Kid x Mistr Milk Interview

When you wake up in the morning what's the first thing you like to do

I just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. I like to wake up and have a moment where there is nothing going on, where I give my mind the chance to be a blank slate... Then I check Instagram :p

Do you have any favorite blogs you read?

Sussana Lau from Style Bubble! I have followed her ever since she started her blog back in 2006 when blogging was a new and strange thing. To me she's the most genuine and objective fashion blogger out there.

What art do you most identify with?

if you mean an art movement I am currently obsessed with the Memphis group. They were a group of designers who worked with asymmetrical shapes and lots of patterns back in the 80's. Just brilliant.

 Professionally, what’s your goal?

 To leave behind something worth talking about.

 Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others?

 Just do you. That's the best mantra anyone can have.

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