Inside The Mind: Tommy Lei from MyBelonging


I got the chance to sit down with Tommy Lei & it was just too good to not share! Meeting him in LA was a dream, getting to talk to him and delve into the mastermind behind the Styleteller's iconic blog MyBelonging was absolutely refreshing and invigorating. With such an inviting personality and impeccable taste in fashion, you are without a doubt to find something in common with him. he has gotten a plethora of buzz from some of our favorite magazines and blogs: Out Magazine, Refinery 29, HuffPost Style, my personal favorite Who What Wear & much more! I can confidently say this is definitely going to be a trailblazing year for his craft & himself! Here are some of the questions that we all were dying to ask!

1: What inspires you to create?

The need to have a voice - whether it’s verbal, vocal or purely aesthetic. I believe this is the primary driving force behind any intention or ambition - aside from doing it out of love.

2: What is something you cannot live without?

Good food and good company - I eat a lot and I am a people person. But above all - my family and closest friends. A vital emotional support system is priceless.

3: If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what color would it be?

Black will always be the new black for me.

4: How does it feel to have so many people appreciate your style and aesthetics?

For one, it’s extremely humbling. It's definitely a nice and validating feeling to know that some people out there appreciate and value what you wear. However, I am not a huge proponent of idolatry; I wholly encourage my readers/fans to actively seek out their own individuality and place in this world regardless of how tough it may seem. I didn’t simply develop my style overnight - no one really does (and if such claims are made, they’re lying). We should learn to appreciate the process, the ‘ugly duckling’ moments, the hand-me downs, the hurt or embarrassment as a result of being teased/bullied…these rite of passages help us develop a stronger skin and identity, so we can wear whatever the fuck we want. It is only then we can establish a style identity that mirrors who we realistically are.

5: The most incredible thing that came from having my belonging!

Of course, the many opportunities I would have never come across being chained to a 9-to-5. It's great having the freedom to do what you love, whenever and wherever.

There are many life lessons involved, too, such as financial responsibility and social awareness - being challenged on your positions, being more open-minded to the struggle of others and ultimately being a better version of yourself.


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