How to Kick ass in 2016: Printable Goal and Planning sheets


Why are we so accustomed to the idea that we must wait till the beginning of the year to change? I have heard it countless times, I have this gym membership and I haven't even shown up for my first assessment. Um, it's may. You literally paid a gym for 5 months and you haven't even shown up. Okay, wait this was honestly personal. I did that I paid a gym membership for 5 months without even stepping foot inside of the building. Okay off topic. 😅 I think it's safe to say that it has become exponentially harder to get things done nowadays and that is no ones else fault but our own. With how many distractions we have thrown at us daily I don't blame you. Honestly, If I told you I don't spend my days off in bed eating a jumbo size tub of cheese balls I would be the biggest liar on this planet.

With that being said, I have set goals and planned out my days down to the minute and honestly, I have never felt any better! And I have no one else to thank but  straight from them! Here are the 3 steps for 2016 success! 

What you'll do: print the worksheets below pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your favorite playlist on Spotify and get your 2016 appetite on.

The first sheet is to be used as your personal problem solver – and don’t we all need one? What are the issues you’re dealing with? What would the solution be? What steps do you need to take in order to come to the solution? When would you like to make it to the scene?

Solved? (Yes, you may pour yourself another glass of wine.) The second one is to clarify what you want (NEED) more of in your life and what it is that you’ll love to get rid of (to some degree). For example more wine healthy food, less sugary goodies. More staycations (or more traveling instead), less work. More breaking world records, fewer cat videos… And on to the last one: your go getter. Let your imagination run free! What place would you like to visit? What would you like to learn? How to be more confident, or would you love to learn some French? What do you want to overcome? Your fear of heights? Your fear of failure? An ugly breakup? What would you like to try? Who do you want to kiss? The sky is the limit! If you do these steps just like I did I'm sure that you will clarify your year just like I did. No w get your wine after all it is national drinking wine day and get your shit together! 

Go get 'em tiger!  

allAnthony Lopez