Your 3 step plan to organizing your life and keeping it that way. 


We all have that one morning where you walk around the house and question if you've been robbed or you just haven't cleaned in a month. Frankly, it sometimes happens more often than you want it to. A little help from Wiki and we are on our way to a mean clean organizing Machine!  Stay on Track of Everything: 

1. Putting everything away as soon as you can! 

This is one of the simplest ways to stay organized. Sure, it's great that you organized your home, your office space, or anything else in your life that needed to be put in its place, but that won't mean much if every time you come home, you throw your keys, the mail, umbrella, or other countless items wherever you feel like it because you're tired and you'll get to it later. Making a conscious effort to do this as much as you can make a huge difference in how organized everything will look & how much better you will feel.

2. Make your bed when you wake up! 

this one is very dear to my heart, this is helpful for many reasons. An unmade bed is a sign of a disordered life, and the sooner you make the bed, the better you'll feel about facing your day. Also if you live with roommates and you spend most of your day in your room while being home! This helps you to not encourage yourself to slip back under the blanket and sleep the day away! Leaving your bed unmade is like giving yourself an invitation to leave your clothes piled on the floor, your make up spilled all over your dresser, and letting old papers you don't need pile up on your desk. you don't want that! 

3: Make a to-do list for the day!

You should make a goal of creating a to do list towards the beginning of every day. this will set your priorities for you, keep you focused, and will make you feel accomplished for doing the things you set out to do. The easiest way to do this is downloading a to do list app! those things are amazing, they will literally alert you when you've gone over your time limit for the task! trust me this is a very important step. 

Keeping your life simple:

1: Buy less stuff! 

This is One of the easiest ways of simplifying your life. You may feel like you're not organized because you are always introducing new items into your environment. The next time you see a super sale, ask yourself if you really need these items, or if you already have something just like it or something that is almost as good. It's OK to splurge occasionally, but if you're routinely bringing new items into your home without having a place to put them, you won't be able to stay organized! 

2: Say no more often! 

Another way to stay organized is to learn to say no to all of the people who are asking you to take on more responsibility. Sure, sometimes you may want to take on an additional task or to truly help someone out, but you shouldn't say yes because you feel too guilty to say no, or because you get an ego boost from being needed. If you are a person who is struggling to stay organized one of the primary reasons may be that you have too much on your plate as it is.why make that worse? 

3: Treat time like money! 

Just like you should keep a budget to make sure you were spending wisely, you should think of your time as a commodity. How much of it do you have? How much of it do you want? How much of it are you spending on things you don't really care about? Breakdown how you spend your days. For example, if you wish you exercised more than maybe you should cut down those three times a week phone calls with your best friend and go for a run during that time instead! 

Follow through:

1: set deadlines for yourself! 

This is a very important point that will help you get closer to your goal of getting all of the things you want to get done by making yourself stick to your plan. for example, if you've been talking about donating your clothes to Goodwill for weeks, call them and make an appointment. If you know they'll be coming by at 3 PM on Friday to pick up your stuff, you'll have to have it ready before then! Set as many deadlines as you can to help yourself, making sure that they will help you stick to your plan instead of stressing you out! 

2: delegate as much as you can!

Learning to delegate is a big step if you want to follow through on your organized lifestyle. Just because you're going to stay organized, it doesn't mean that you want to do every little thing for yourself. if you plan on doing everything on your own. It'll be harder to follow through on what you say you'll do. Make sure that your kids, significant other, roommates, or anyone else sharing the space with you also do their share of tasks if you want to keep things running smoothly! I can assure you that these steps are vital to making sure that you are keeping yourself organized and getting the things that matter the most to you done! 

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with love, Mr. milk✨💖😙 


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