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From tiny shops specializing in chopsticks to concept stores offering all kinds of pencils, an ever increasing number of entrepreneurs are betting on niche concept stores to start their first business. And it seems to be paying off.


A great example of idiosyncratic store, Kaktus København, is a small shop specialising in succulents and cacti. Launched in early 2015 by childhood friends, Maja, Gro, and Cille the store stocks over 150 different species of plants, all sourced from a local Danish grower, nicknamed by the three founders, “Cactus Man”. Quickly becoming a hotspot for all Copenhagens plant lovers and interior design enthusiasts the unique concept is also gaining momentum online through the brand’s nifty Instagram feed.


In an interview with Scandinavia Standard, Cille, one of the three founders, shares how the idea for an only-cacti shop came while learning how to cook and use the plants during a trip to Guatemala. What started as a passion – the plants were first only sold at fairs and markets such as FindersKeepers – has since then grown into a trendy brick-and-mortar store nested in one of Copenhagen’s most-coveted neighborhood.


If you’re tempted by the idea of launching a store, physical or online but are overwhelmed by the amount of work and fierce competition, starting small and specializing in one single item could give you the focus and peace of mind needed to make the first step. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.



Find a niche. Ask yourself what is lacking around you? Think of products you found while traveling and that is not available in your city. Think outside the box…who would have thought about succulent plants in a Scandinavian country? But, succulent and cacti go well with the Scandinavian design. So here you go.


Start by just testing the idea. Sell your products in markets or on online stores such as Etsy, get a corner at a fair or a local event, pitch the idea to friends and family or think about starting a blog/Tumblr/Instagram account on the subject and watch the feedback.


Contact the local press and online niche blogs. Medias love and crave new and unique ideas. Focus on the story behind your idea and highlight the uniqueness of the concept.


Use social media thoughtfully. Niche Instagram feed can take off quite easily. Find creative ways to showcase your products and stick to a regular schedule.


Collaborate. Get inspired by Kaktus Kbh collaborations with events, design companies, and artists. They share all their collaborations on their blog.


Don’t give up. All good things take time

Kaktus Kbh Website & Instagram

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