Mistrmilk is born!


I woke up today Super motivated scrolling throughTumblr+ Instagrameveryone knows those days where you feel like you want to be a photographer,painter,model,stylist,nascar driver,astronaut everything else that is 1 in a million! which led me to this post. with a little help from my tech savvy friends + family Mr.Milk is born!

An hour and a half in our impromptu mini-shoot my sister asks Who's Yummertime?!?! (My favorite Blogger's of course!!!) As she's hunched over me in the most awkward position, body pressed against me my head tilted so far back I can see the other side of the room, just to get an aesthetically pleasing shot with absolutely no glare. from that moment on I knew this was not going to be easy!!!!!!!!

But do any of you ever think of the ridiculous angles, poses & antics we get into just to be able to get a good post-worthy shot to share with the world... I can't be the only one!?!?!? The internet is becoming something for more than just entertainment. The world-wide web has provided Jobs, awareness & an outlet for what cannot be said in your everyday life.

The idea of billions of people being able to share and connect without leaving the comfort of their very home is incredible, which is why I choose to start Mr.milk. My outlet for the things I can't say & for you toget connected, would love you hear from you onInstagramTwitter Tumblr

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