For starters the weather this day was amazing. AND I MEAN AH MAY ZINGGG. As per usual I take an eternity to get ready + slowly but surely the clouds came rolling in and the water works began. ( No I don't mean rain, I meant me crying, literally crying) This perfect weather streak finally came to a halt. Partially my fault for never utilizing the ever so convenient Weather app. So what did I do? I STAYED HOME ALL DAY. But I did get to quickly shoot what I WAS going to wear before Hurricane Charlie rolled in. My Essentials are always simple.

These Cigarette Jeans from All Saints are some of the best jeans I've bought. Go try them on if you can't find yourself paying for them, which trust me it took a lot out of me... Time heals when my ass looks this good every time I wear them.

The top is a Your Neighbors oversized grey Tee shirt from Urban Outfitters it has two types of fabrics on the front and on the back. Definitely a must have, Of course I have to have my Jack Spade Card Wallet Side note: get a new wallet. My new Warby Parker's which look terrific if I say so myself, Actually I do say so.

I am loving this season, lots and lots of eyewear and I do love my eyewear! The infamous Casio watch, so Versatile, My phone is absolute essential because how else would I be able to see all of Kim K's selfies on Instagram and the crazy amounts of group chats I get into daily.

The Dirty styling whip from Lush not only smells awesome aside from its misleading name, it holds your hair together without weighing it down!!!!! The do less book that was sent from God himself to that Urban Outfitters Shelf, helps me minimize clutter, stress and simplify organization for a perfectionist who absolutely cannot sleep if there is a mess anywhere.

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