Mr.Milk x Waldo.


I am no Waldo but I sure look cute acting like him, of course I'm not as hard to find...

Currently sitting in 90 degree weather by the pool in a black shirt refusing to partake in anything until I finish this post! The hues of blues are taunting me coming from the water but I have to focus..... God, it looks so good. OK back to the post.

Have you watched Adams Family values when they take the kids to camp Chippewa (click here) that's literally me right now. I have been working so hard to get the site ready that I haven't had time to enjoy this perfect weather.

Mausi would not be proud since this pool looks like something straight out of the My friend has a swimming pool music video (click here too) , Thinking of doing a shoot here actually... since this perfect weather streak will most likely come to an end soon.

Also I have kept my Warby Parker home try on'slonger than I should have, so I might just pay for all of them! The decision is too difficult because I feel different everyday. Of course I would be indecisive even when picking something so simple like eyeglasses.

Simplicity is key this season so I really have been toning down colors and patterns and curating my closet to essentials and staple pieces.


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