A Few of my Favorite Things.


Now I am no Monster, But I think we can all agree that Lady Gaga made us all drop our jaws when she performed at the Oscars (oscar gif*)(<Click there) + I speak for all of us on this. She has gotten her act together, brought class and beauty to her name! In Honor of Julie Andrews I thought I would do A Few of My Favorite Things post!

I am on a magazine binge, Spent more money on them than food itself this month + I have not regretted it one bit! One day, Someday or in a whole other lifetime It would be fun to create a magazine. Until then this is my only outlet for the things that I create and my need to express myself, since I obviously can't communicate in person ha.

More Kinfolk PLEASEEEEEEEE, SOS we need more kinfolk!!!!!! OH and some more Hammonds Chocolate! The Aesthetic on theses pages are impeccable!

Craziest thing I heard this week is that the first Kinfolk issue sells on Amazon for almost $500.00 dollars. Call me neurotic but if I had all of the issues + that was my last one I might just need to buy it..... lol

Hello Mr is up next on mags I need to collect, By the way I can't decide which Warby Parker to keep. But these might  be my favorite one's. Oh and say hello to my succulent she's new to the family and she is very shy!

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