Planning Spring Break: So Your Experience is GREAT!!!



Want to know two things that are completely Polar Opposites?

Living and vacationing in Miami...So this time around I'm so excited to be here since I AM PALE and in dire need of a tan. Judge me if you will but, I MAY OR MAY NOT have looked into a tanning salon during the winter break. 

The first thing that you have to think about when planning a trip with your friends is who,what,where, when & Why? (to get out of town...of course)

1:BUDGET IS EVERYTHING. I can't stress this enough. Money determines where you go and what you do. But don't fret you don't need a million dollars to have a good time! Find your resources! And your deals!!!!

2: Who you choose to bring also plays a huge role on the success of your trip. Don't bring your ex(as much as you miss him) he will still be the A**hole that left you for your best friend at Chris Isen's Halloween party last year (click here). Bring people who you know will have a great time under any circumstances!

3: LOOK FOR TRAVEL DEALS. Do not forget that agencies make special sales for spring break knowing college students will be looking for something to do! Plan accordingly! Or befriend someone who's parents own a yacht, beach house, etc...

4: Weather is so crucial when planning something so don't be rained in when you get to Bora Bora! Especially after paying top dollar for that blowout at your local hair salon... So use that HANDY DANDY Weather App & be sure to pick the best time to travel!

5: Last but not least! remember the beach isn't your only option! Although the beach, or somewhere tropical (CABO! "hint hint" ) is often the first thing most people think of when they think of spring break, there is so much more that you can do if you just research! The beaches get busy and sometimes a bit rowdy! Don't overlook supporting locals that you sometimes don't have time to go to or don't even know that they're in your backyard!

But lastly HAVE FUN, it's called Spring BREAK for a reason. It's a time to turn off your mind and your cellphone. Except for when you're checking your favorite blogs like Mr.Milk !  That's the only exception!!!

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